Tom Moores Jungle and Eco Tour

Tom Moores Jungle and Eco Tour
Tom Moores Jungle and Eco Tourtom moores jungle cavetom moore's jungle bermudaSpittal Pond - Bermuda ExplorerTom Moores Jungle and Eco Tour - Bermuda Explorer



Come and explore Bermuda's unique and untouched jungle tucked in Hamilton Parhish. Hike through the nature trails with us and learn about our caves and botanical wonders. Also visit Paget Marsh and the spittal pond nature reserve.


Be amazed as you hike through an authentic Bermuda forest and Woodland. View the geological wonders, mangroves and fascinating caves, that you will discover along the way. Also come and experience the spittal pond nature reserve and visit Portuguese rock, where Bermuda was first discovered. Put your walking shoes on for this unique eco adventure. Transportation is included in the price.


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