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  • Somerset Long Bay Beach

    This beach is close to the Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa. It is a public beach off the beaten path and faces the horizon where the sun sets. It is a perfect little spot if you want to watch the sunset here and then head
  • Whale Bay Beach

    This beach is close to Port Royal Golf Course. You will be able to catch a #7 or #8 bus out of Dockyard towards Hamilton and will need to ask the friendly bus driver to drop you off here. Find Whale Bay Road across the s
  • Stonehole Bay

    This beach on the South Shore has stunning surrounding views. It is best to access it from Warwick Long Bay because this way you can hit a few beaches in one go to find the most secluded beach of them all. Walk over towa
  • Warwick Long Bay

    While in the summer this beach may not be as secluded, you will find that the park on either side of Warwick Long Bay leads to many secluded beaches. The trails that lead in either direction along Warwick Long Bay provid
  • John Smith’s Bay

    If you’re staying in the East End of the island near to St. Georges this is a good secluded beach for you. From May to September there is usually a life guard on duty but just because there is a lifeguard that doesn’
  • Horseshoe Bay

    This is certainly one of Bermuda’s most popular beaches. It will be crowded on the days cruise ships are on the island but still a great place to visit since it’s such a large beach. A little walk down the beach and
  • Tobacco Bay

    You can catch a minibus from King’s Square in the Town of St. Georges or if you’re looking for adventure scroll down the page to see a number of available activities under the category, “Good Beaches for Families
  • Elbow Beach

    This beautiful beach has a gentle curve resembling an elbow. It's located at Paget parish and very close to City of Hamilton. You can see reefs close to the shore and the beach is great for snorkeling.   Elbow Beach i
  • Turtle Bay, Long Bay, and Soldier Bay

    East End — Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve, St. George’s: Opened to the public in 2008, this 44-acre peninsula, once the site of a NASA tracking station, offers a plethora of gorgeous, off-the-beaten-track beaches,
  • Daniels Head Beaches and Park

    Located at the western remote corner of Sandy's Parish, Daniel's Head with its 17 acres of coastal area is one of Bermuda's best kept secrets and not widely known to the general tourists. The beaches (now only one public
  • Shelly Bay

    Off North Shore Road. Public. Very shallow water, even at high tide. Safe. Attractive. Named after Henry Shelly, one of the 1609 English colonists on the famous Sea Venture ship that foundered off Bermuda, commanded by t
  • Astwood Cove

    A quiet, secluded beach in Warwick Parish, Astwood Cove sits beneath a steep cliff. You can picnic and hike under the trees at neighboring Astwood Park, and there are rental apartments and bed & breakfasts within easy wa
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