Airport Tips

Bermuda’s airport is small, however we have friendly airport staff that will guide your right through. Please following the following tips:


All flights require at least 2 hours check-in prior to departure. Check-in closes approximately one hour before departure.


Passengers require passports as identification to check-in, clear security, and board an aircraft. Please select the airline you will be travelling with (listed at right) to check-in online.


Special Assistance
At Bermuda air stairs are in use. If you are unable to walk up and down these steps to and from the aircraft you must inform your airline 48 hours in advance.  In any circumstances we will make all reasonable efforts to assist you.  


Liquids in Carry-on Baggage
Liquid items are only allowed  when packed in containers with a capacity of 100 ml / 100 grams (3.4 oz.) or less and placed in one clear, closed and re-sealable plastic bag no larger than 1 litre (1 quart) capacity. One bag per person is allowed.


Security Screening

  • Footwear may need to be removed.
  • Avoid wearing metal items that may trigger metal detector alarms (e.g. belts, buttons, body piercings and steel toe shoes).
  • All carry-on items will need to be placed in a tray for screening; please remove jackets as you approach the front of the screening line.
  • Have laptops, cameras and other devices out of luggage ready for inspection.

Boarding passes and passport must be shown to screening personnel and carried through the metal detector.

Mission Statement

Bermuda Explorer is committed to the international exposure of the Bermuda islands and the people therein.


We believe that Bermuda has a rich history, culture and a unique way of living that must be showcased to the world.


Bermuda Explorer will be fully dedicated to providing the requests of visitors that come to Bermuda shores ensuring that they have a safe and happy stay.


Bermuda Explorer will provide prompt and professionals service and offer a quality product that is of world class standard.


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