About Us

Owned and operated by Dean Grant together with a professional experienced team, Bermudaexplorer.com has a goal to enhance the visitor experience by offering all inclusive services that would allow for maximum enjoyment. Bermudaexplorer.com specializes in offering an array of package deals for its guests that include pick-up and drop off services, tours of their choice as well as authentic Bermuda experiences such as its Bermuda Home dining experience.


Bermudaexplorer.com offers a menu of things to do in Bermuda that allows for guests to select the things they want to do within their budget, book and pay online. If they want help planning their vacation all they have to do is hit the "Experience Planner" button and answer a few questions which would prompt a friendly customer services representative to work with the guest to plan their desired experience. This allows guests to literally plan out each day of their vacation to included transportation, tours, dinner, accommodations, booking a beach and more.

Mission Statement

Bermuda Explorer is committed to the international exposure of the Bermuda islands and the people therein.


We believe that Bermuda has a rich history, culture and a unique way of living that must be showcased to the world.


Bermuda Explorer will be fully dedicated to providing the requests of visitors that come to Bermuda shores ensuring that they have a safe and happy stay.


Bermuda Explorer will provide prompt and professionals service and offer a quality product that is of world class standard.

Our Services

Bermudaexplorer.com offers the following services:

  • Unique certified tours throughout the island
  • Transportation services
  • Experience planning services
  • Book A Beach service
  • Marketing and promotional opportunities for local business owners

In addition to the products and services Bermudaexplorer.com offers, through partnerships with the Bermuda Hospitality Institute, training programs and internship programs aimed to attract young Bermudians to careers in hospitality. It is the goal that Bermudaexplorer.com becomes the industry leader and ambassador for excellent services to oversea guest while teaching and encouraging young Bermudians to seriously commit to a career in hospitality.