Immigration & Customs

In preparation for your arrival in Bermuda please familiarize yourself with our Customs and immigration requirements to ensure a smooth arrival.

All visitors arriving are given the Bermuda Immigration form by airlines and are required to complete on both sides prior to clearing Bermuda Immigration.

For more information on immigration please visit the HM Immigration Bermuda website.

All visitors arriving are given the Bermuda Customs form by airlines and are required to complete on both sides to be presented to the officers after clearing Bermuda Immigration. 

For more information on Customs duties please visit the HM Customs Bermuda website. HM Customs Bermuda website.

  • ENSURE YOU AND EVERYONE IN YOUR PARTY HAS A ROUND-TRIP TICKECT A return or onward ticket is required to enter Bermuda.
  • A VALID, MACHINE-READABLE PASSPORT-  All travelers must carry with them proof of citizenship and identification, specifically a passport, for return to their own country or for re-entry through another foreign country as required by Bermuda Immigration authorities. This applies to adults as well as children/infants travelling alone or with their parents.

Note: For visiting yachts and their crew click here  for information

Note: Married women whose identification documents are in their maiden name but who are travelling under their married name should also carry their marriage certificate or certified copy as further proof of identity.

As of March 1, 2014 Bermuda entry visas and visa waivers will no longer be required for tourists and business visitors and work permit holders.  Click here for more details

  • For detailed information on Bermuda’s customs & duty allowances and regulations, download our  Bermuda Tourism’s  Fact sheet

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