Paget Parish Bermuda  

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paget 1Paget is a central parish in Bermuda located between Warwick and Devonshire parishes. Check out Bermuda Parish Map to see all the parishes in Bermuda and how they are located relative to each other. Most of the great Bermuda hotels are located in Paget Parish.


Paget is also well known for some great beaches like Elbow Beach and attractions like the Botanical Gardens and Paget Marsh.


paget 2As you move the map around and zoom in, you will be able to see many of those attractions and places of interest in this map along with the streets. You can zoom this map and move it left or right using the navigational buttons given at the left top corner of the map. For example, use the '+' to zoom in and see more details including street names etc. and use the '-' to zoom out. The buttons '<' and '>' can be used to move the map left or right.


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