Welcome to our Resource/Documents page. if you are interested in partnering with Bermuda Explorer as a Authentic Bermudian Experience host home or as a service provider, we welcome the opportunity to partner and work with you. Select the links below for documentation and applications related to our Authentic Bermudian Experience host home applicants.


Authentic Bermudian Experience Host Home Agreement


Expectation of Host Family and Bermuda Explorer


Authentic Bermudian Experience Host Family Application



Mission Statement

Bermuda Explorer is committed to the international exposure of the Bermuda islands and the people therein.


We believe that Bermuda has a rich history, culture and a unique way of living that must be showcased to the world.


Bermuda Explorer will be fully dedicated to providing the requests of visitors that come to Bermuda shores ensuring that they have a safe and happy stay.


Bermuda Explorer will provide prompt and professionals service and offer a quality product that is of world class standard.


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