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Arts and Culture – 1 day

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Recommended Experiences

Here are some recommendations for how Bermuda Explorer thinks you could have the most rewarding experiences during your stay in Bermuda. Bermuda is approximately 22.5 miles long and is serviced by three major roadways, running along the North and South shores and down through the middle. The maps below shows these three major roadways, the four points of entry – L.F. Wade International, Dockyard, Hamilton and St. George’s and identifies the location of those places we recommend that you should visit for an experience of a lifetime.


Family Experience – 3 days




Day 1
Spend the morning visiting the
Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, Followed by a visit to the Crystal Caves. Lunch at a local restaurant famous for local cuisine.

Then join a host family for a late afternoon of line fishing off the rocks in Spanish Point. Clean your catch right there on the shore and barbeque your dinner as you watch the sun set.


Day 2

Spend the day visiting the St George historical forts around the Island, by road and by sea. Stop for lunch at a local shoreline restaurant. Horseshoe nature trail followed by dinner in Hamilton, the city centre, to cuisine of your choice.



Arts and Culture – 1 day




Spend part of the morning touring the Heritage Town of St. George’s.


Take a road tour of the Island taking in the
Museums, art galleries and attractively manicured Botanical Gardens.


Stopping only for lunch



Adventure – 2 days




Day 1
Visit Coopers Island and see nature at its finest, with incredible flora and fauna in the native habitat.


Lunch in St. Georges before spending the afternoon on and beneath the water enjoying your favorite water activity. Join a host family for a authentic Bermudian meal and learn about the local culture and cuisine.


Day 2
Go horseback riding near the Long Bay beach, and spend the afternoon at local beach resort. Explore another attractive stretch of adjoining beaches

Dine at one of our famous outdoor restaurants and partly under the stars on the South Shore.



Sports Experiences - 1 day




Spend the morning on Golf Course, the recent venue for the PGA Classic.


Then after lunch, relax with a luxurious ferry ride around the island. Truly the best way to see the island is from the water.


Join a local host for some Cliff diving off the North Shore near the Government House.


Finish the day sampling some of the local cocktails and watch the sun set.




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