Smith's Parish Bermuda  

smith 1Smiths parish in Bermuda is located between Devonshire parish on its west and Hamilton parish on its east. Check Bermuda Parish Map to see where Smiths in located in Bermuda relative to the other parishes. Smiths parish is known for its vast farm lands and great landscapes.


It has its boundaries facing the North Shore, the South Shore as well as a part of the parish facing the Harington Sound. You can imagine how picturesque some of the spots can be.


smith2Below you will see an interactive map of Smiths Bermuda. As you move the map around and zoom in specific areas, you will see great level of details.


You can find some of the great attractions in the map. John Smith's Bay is one of our favorite beaches in Bermuda and is located at Smiths parish. You can find the beach on the map.


You will also find places like the Spittal Pond Nature Reserve, Devils Hole Aquarium, Verdmont Museum Bermuda, St. Mark's Church

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